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ation. Yet,▓ the education culture here will remain too ingrained with an exam-driven society for the near future.But the solution is not to send your ▓child to danger zones in

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the West. It's best ▓for parents to take a middle ground and encourage their kids to be more creative and▓ show an independent spirit while they attend C

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hinese sch▓ools. Let your children dream and if they wish to become a farmer or a business person, let▓ them, because they will

become more productive▓ and happy members of society. If they love art, let them draw; love sports, let them play. Who knows? They mi

ght become superstars and your children will appreciate your support.Of▓ course, children should also learn the importance of ?/p>

坔ard work, meeting deadlines and having a strong moral backbone, and this is where Chinese schools have succeeded and wi▓ll continue t

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    o do so. Tmcgregorchina@yah▓oo.comWeChat ID: 86 13439758718  ( The opin▓ions expressed here do not necessaril?/p>

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    坹 reflect the opinions of Panview or )  Panview offers an alternative angle o▓n China and the rest

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    of the world through the analyses and opinions of expert▓s. We also welcome outside submissions, ▓so feel free to